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Monthly Training Focus

Being a new shooter it is easy to feel overwhelmed on knowing what to train and how, and although I assist every student that comes to Bullseye it would be nice if the student had a clear objective each time they come. This helps you set and meet goals, so you can see your progress which is very satisfying. So each month the facility will have sheets with clearly described drills, time goals and room to record your progress. An area or room will be dedicated to those drills so there is no guessing on what to do when you arrive

FEB/MARCH FOCUS - Will be on Natural Point of Aim ie. shooting without using sights. This is an invaluable tool if you are ever in a defensive situation. You will be responding as quickly as possible and won't have time to look at your sights. Building this essential skill requires precise repetitions that you can't do at a live range. Like a dedicated basketball player who develops his point of aim by sheer repetition, so too the gun owner needs to practice because it could be life saving.

JUNE FOCUS - Pulling From Concealment. Sometimes the difference between life and death is mere seconds. For June we be working to get our firearm presented in under 2 seconds and hit the target. This month will build on what was learned in our May focus with developing your Natural Point of Aim or Point Shooting. Bring your holster and belt.

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