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Each class is customized for each student, since many come with some prior experience, so the training can contain more topics than listed here.

• The Perfect Stance 
• Master Grip 
• How to Present from Your "work space"

• Trigger Press 
• How to Develop Your Natural Point of Aim
• How To Train Your Eyes To See the Optic/Sights Better
• How to Pick the Perfect Gun for You

• Sight Acquisition / Optic Training
• What is
 Follow Through and How To Develop it
• 3 Defensive Draw Strokes for Close Encounters (Discussed)
• What to Do After a Critical Incident 
• The most important thing you can carry to get you out of an attack FAST (besides a gun or pepper spray)

All training is done using the same modern technology the police and military use. Our unique training process incorporates techniques that build muscle memory through a volume of repetitions into your subconscious (procedural memory). This goes way beyond the typical gun class, that "shows but does not teach. All training is guaranteed to satisfaction or money back. In our very unique training facility we teach people how to shoot using the same high end technology that the police and military use. No live ammo, no noise, or recoil to be afraid of. Lasers and computer technology expedite the learning experience to a solid set of shooting skills.

Handgun Training Customized to Each Student
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