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We took our insanely successful beginner course and condensed it down to a 4 hour intensive course for adults 58 and younger (Yes there can be exceptions) This age group are working and have less time to devote to a 9 hour course. After some testing we found that this age group with their busy lives have the agility and a keen mind to master the skills taught in our new 4 hour training. Thanks to our unique training process that helps the brain master the skills faster even the busiest can find time to learn.
What You Will Learn: The student will learn every aspect of hand gun shooting from proper stance, grip, trigger press, sight acquisition and follow through. At the end of the session they will be taken into the simulator room where they will test their skills with various moving targets as well as shoot with one hand. It is because of our unique training process that incorporates techniques that build muscle memory through subconscious focused training. This goes way beyond the typical point and shoot class, which is a "showing" rather than a "teaching" All training is guaranteed to the students satisfaction or money back. In our very unique training facility we teach people how to shoot using the same high end technology that the police and military use. No live ammo, no noise, or recoil to be afraid of.  Lasers and computer technology expedite the learning experience to a solid set of shooting skills.
Cost is $175 per person and includes a FREE week to use our facility to practice what you learned and develop it even deeper into your subconscious.

We Did it! 
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