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 Training Levels



You may have never touched a gun or you may already own a one. We provide a safe, non-judgemental environment in which you can master all the shooting basics. Our NRA certified instructors will take you step-by-step through the process of learning everything you need to be a safe, responsible, and competent gun owner.  Starting with either of our beginner courses,

(depending on age) you will learn:

Stance (including all physical aspects of body mechanics 

Proper Grip

 Eye Dominance

  Sight Alignment

Presenting the Gun

Trigger Press

And much, much more


Some experience

If you have been shooting just a handful of times or haven't in a long time and are lacking—

• A Good Fast Draw

• Confidence in Carrying the Gun

• Consistent Accuracy

• Control Over Recoil

Our Saturday Handgun Training class will refine your stance, grip, follow through, and fully develop your sight acquisition speed. All training is customized to meet your exact needs.

All of our training stems from the latest brain science to give you the fastest track to mastery over your gun.

Some Experience
defensive shooting.png
defensive shooting.png

Manny Bragg 


If you shoot regularly but want to be better with defensive handgun skills, our membership programs are meant to take you to your next level of proficiency. From speed, accuracy, and moving skills, to training regularly for various scenarios you could encounter if attacked. 

Having access to all of our classes plus one on one training utilizing the various technologies we have, will get you to the next level. For defensive handgun training, you will train in an environment that will encode your skills into your subconscious. Every bit of our training is rooted in the latest brain science to ensure your skills are able to be maintained and recalled if needed.


Sport Shooting

 A Bullseye membership for those who shoot competitively would be best so you can take advantage of all our training classes. Our modern technology is a big advantage in building your own training regimen under the guidance of instructors who compete. If you compete you understand that a cornerstone of training is Dry-Fire. Well Bullseye has taken that aspect of training to the highest level. Now you can pack in those precious training hours in a fun, interactive environment. 

Steel Challenge shooting
Sport Shooting
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