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Providing Everything You NeedTO GET YOU STARTED

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Beginner  9 Hour course

For those 58 years and older this course utilizes the most updated learning techniques so you will master everything you are being taught.

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Intensive  4 Hour Beginner course

This course is designed around working individuals who are still active. For those 57 and younger this course expedites our beginner training once again using modern technology. 

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Home Security

An in depth look inside how a criminal picks a home and how to make sure he doesn't pick yours!

Understanding HOW a criminal thinks is 15% of the equation, because many “opportunist criminals” don’t think, typically due to some kind of addiction or mental illness. The more important questions are

What do they know?

What are their tools?

What are their goals?

First-Aid and CPR Training

Be Prepared For The Moments That Matter!

Caring for a person with life-threatening bleeding or being able to help a choking victim is the focus of this course. As part of our mission to train people how to respond to and prepare for emergencies, we offer this CPR certification class that can help you provide assistance when someone is faced with a cardiac or breathing emergency.

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Learn To Draw or Improve

To draw your gun properly and faster than the other guy takes hundreds of repetitions. Doing it with "live" ammo can be dangerous. But with modern technology you can learn faster and safer than ever before.


Refresher Course

Any skill we once mastered will become rusty if not used, so it goes with shooting. Shooting is a perishable skill that you must maintain. However, life can distract us. If you haven't shot is years or are just not that good, this 2 hour course is for you. It takes shooters who had training in the past but know their skills are rusty.

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Refreshr Course
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