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You need to understand how a crook thinks, what his tools are, & how to keep him away from your home.
It isn't hard once YOU know, what he knows.

This 3 hour class is guaranteed to help you fortify your home!


• What entryway is most attractive to him?

• How they figure out your weekly schedule.

• What must they see in your yard? 

• How do they know what valuables you have?

• Where is the best hiding place for them?

• How do they know the layout of your house?

Where are they going to look inside your house?

• Will an alarm them keep them out?

• What valuables are valuable to them?

• Do they live in your area?

Why will they pick your house, instead of your neighbors?

• Can you still protect your home with no electric?

• How important is your dog?

• What is the #1 thing they are afraid of?

• Why do only 13% of crooks get caught?



Help you prepare ahead of time for an intruder.

Make every deadbolt impossible to open even if they have a key.

Make every window impact resistant.

Strengthen every interior door

Convert an existing room into a safe room.

Make a $400 door, as strong as a $900 door

Know what weapons and tools will be most helpful in an attack.

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
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